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Tree Care Services in Leeds

Tree surgeon services in Leeds shouldn’t be hard to find, not when Prune & Proper Gardening Services are local. Our tree surgeons are certified and skilled, working safely with specialist equipment. We can take care of tree pruning, crown shaping, stump grinding and more. Once the job is complete, we can remove the green waste, leaving your garden clean and tidy. Here are just a few of the tree care services in Leeds that our arborists supply:


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Worker trimming a tree back with a chainsaw in Leeds

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning and tree trimming helps reduce the size of a tree, allowing more light into your garden. Making use of regular tree maintenance services helps keep your trees healthy, making the branches stronger and helping to produce new growth. If your tree is looking overgrown with the branches tangled or even breaking, we will prune it into a uniform shape.

Tree Felling

Tree cutting, tree felling and removal also fall within our remit. This is best carried out on trees that are dead or sick and likely to fall. We take down the tree, beginning at the top. We gradually reduce the size until we can cut the trunk. After this, you can choose whether you want the stump left or ground down to remove it.

Crown Thinning & Reduction

It doesn’t take long for small trees in your garden to grow out of shape, crowding in on other shrubs and trees. We take care of small tree trimming in Leeds accurately and carefully, pruning the branches to reduce the size. Your garden will receive more light and the tree will remain healthy.

Stump Grinding

When trees are removed, the stump is left behind. If the stump is of a broadleaf tree, we will need to treat it to prevent re-growth. Chemicals can be added to kill off the stump or we can grind it down using machinery. When stump grinding is applied, the stump is left about 8 inches below the ground, enabling you to plant around or over it.

Ivy Removal

Whilst ivy can look incredibly attractive, it doesn’t take long for it to overgrow and get out of control. Our ivy removal service takes care of your green space, trimming it back and reducing to your chosen height. Where ivy is more than 5 metres high, our tree surgeons will need to attend to it to ensure full safety.

Large Bush Removal

Attempting to remove a large bush in your garden can be difficult. Our large bush removal service not only takes away the bush but also the waste materials. Some types of wood are harder to cut so we will assess the type of bush and decide on the best way of removing it.

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