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Outdoor areas are to be lived in and enjoyed. The seasonal elements combined with outdoor living during the warmer months affect your patio and outdoor surfaces. Over time this creates layers of dirt, efflorescence, grime, debris, weeds, contamination, mould and mildew. Our professional pressure washing services in Leeds will rejuvenate and restore your outdoor space and bring it back to life and ready for further enjoyment.

Our Approach To Pressure Washing.

To ensure that your surfaces are not only cleaned and stripped back to their original shine but in doing so are also protected throughout the process, we use industry-leading high-performance pressure washing equipment. By using high-quality pressure washing equipment, we avoid the need to use toxic chemicals or unnecessarily harsh surface pressure. We have the right equipment and methods for every type of surface as well as catering for sensitive surfaces that directly surround the area to be pressure washed. Both our approach and our equipment allow us to pressure wash surfaces both optimally and efficiently while protecting gardens, lawns and delicately treated or natural surfaces.

When our friendly and professional pressure washing services team come on-site, all that they will require from you is access to a water supply as well an electricity point. The rest is taken care of by us. We will temporarily move outdoor features/furniture as well as clear leaves and debris that have gathered on the surfaces.

Types Of Surfaces Suitable For Pressure Washing.

In addition to your primary outdoor living areas, we also specialise in pressure washing driveways, pathways, fences, upper-level outdoor living spaces such as terraces, balconies and patios as well as most durable surfaces in and around your garden and yard. To carry out pressure washing services on upper-level areas, we would require that there is suitable drainage installed.

Generally speaking, the following surfaces are all pressure washing friendly:

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A close up of a outdoor area being jet washed by a worker in blue wet weather clothing in Leeds

Outdoor Surface Maintenance.

A regular maintenance program for your outdoor areas will retain the quality of the surfaces. A well-maintained patio and driveway will improve their lifespan as well as enhancing the overall value of your property. As the old age saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

As with all of our services, our approach to pressure washing is eco-friendly focused. We don’t use any toxic chemicals, and all of our equipment is optimised for water efficiency. Our eco-friendly approach allows us to efficiently and effectively clear your outdoor surfaces of dirt, grime, moss, mildew, weeds, oil stains and mould and minimising our impact while doing so.

When Should I Get My Outdoor Surfaces Pressure Washed?

There is never a wrong or right time of year to carry out pressure washing in Leeds. It very much depends on the type of job. If you are looking to do seasonal cleaning and maintenance to clear surfaces of the mould, lichen, grime and fallen leaves, then we would recommend pressure washing during Autumn and Spring. We recommend Autumn to ensure that the surfaces are clean before being exposed to the Winter weather and becoming excessively slippery. Pressure washing during Spring is also a good idea to clear away the accumulation of dirt, leaves, weeds and mould that gather during Winter before things start to grow.

Things To Consider When Pressure Washing.

Sand mortar and grouting can become disturbed on block paved surfaces during the pressure washing process. The disturbance of sanded joints is not unusual. We will always ensure that the sanded joints and areas that have been affected are reinstated by replacing the sand grouting ensure.


Pressure washing an outdoor are during garden maintenance by a worker wearing blue waterproof outer clothing in Leeds

Outdoor Surface Protection.

In addition to cleaning outdoor surfaces, we can also apply fungicide or algaecide to restrict the re-growth of weed and lichen, if required. The combination of these treatments will enhance longevity while maintaining the sharp appearance of your outdoor areas.

If you are looking for a longer-term solution to protect and maintain your outdoor paving investment, our team can also discuss protective sealant options with you. Applying a hard-wearing and long-lasting protective sealant across the surface of your block paving will provide the following benefits:

The sealant comes in three different finishes; gloss, silk and matt, so depending on whether you are after a shinny finish or prefer more of a subtle transparent sealed finish, then we have you covered. The protective sealer typically only needs to be applied every few years, and in doing so, you can be sure of retaining that look of freshly installed block paving.

Professional Pressure Washing Services.

As with all of our services, we will provide you with a free no-obligation quote for our pressure washing which, depending on the size and scope of the job, may or may not require an on-site survey and consultation (this is also free). Our thorough approach includes the initial pressure washing, followed by deep cleaning and then rinsing down to ensure that all surfaces are left clean and clear of any debris removed during the process. Like with anything we do, everything is done with care to ensure that your property is protected from any damage.

We also carry out the following related services:

Our professional Leeds pressure washing team have all your outdoor surface cleaning and restoration requirements covered. Our team are thoroughly trained and have the skills and experience required to deliver only the highest of standards and finished product consistently. 

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