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Experienced In All Aspects of Garden Maintenance & Landscaping

We provide superb garden and landscaping services throughout the city of Leeds for residential, commercial and industrial customers. We are your one-stop-shop for all things related to landscaping and gardening.

We don’t only supply a wide range of gardening services but everything we do is supported by great customer service. Caring about your garden as much as you do, when you have a smile on your face, so do we. Choose us and you will receive value for money, minimal disruption and the services of a team that will work around your existing commitments.

Not only will we leave your garden clean, tidy and ready to use but also our team are professional, friendly and helpful. You get full peace of mind as we have full insurance cover plus employer’s liability insurance.


Our Services

We provide an extensive range of services which will accommodate any gardening or landscaping services requirements that you may have. Whether you are just after a Spring garden tidy up, a tree removal, seasonal pruning of your trees, shrubs and plants, looking to enhance your outdoor living area with a landscaping project, or tidy up that boundary fence or patio paving we have you covered. We have provided an overview of the some of our core services below. Feel free to call us to discuss anything that we haven’t mentioned as if it relates to your outdoor space, we do it!


Why Choose Us?

Work with the garden & lanscape professionals

Professional Team of Landscapers & Gardeners

Our team are not only friendly, knowledgable and passionate about gardening and landscaping, we are professional across our entire approach and pride ourselves on this fact.

Fast & Reliable Service

Delivering our service in a timely manner is not only important to our customers but equally important to us. We always ensure that we can service our clients in an agreed reasonable timeframe and deliver on that

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is front and centre with everything we do. No job is considered complete until our customers are 100% satisfied with the quality of our services and the final product.


We have 20+ years of experience across the gardening and landscaping industry. You can put your mind at ease knowing that you are dealing with seasoned gardening and landscaping professionals who have seen everything over their careers.

Flora & Fauna Experts

We pride ourselves on our gardening and landscaping industry knowledge and how we apply it. All of our team are professionally trained and take part in ongoing training to ensure that we are providing only the best and up to date service around.

Eco-Friendly Focused

Eco-friendliness is at the heart of everything we do. From where we source our materials from, to our designs, to how we transport supplies to and from the site and to how we dispose of site debris, rubbish and excess materials.

Our Services

Gardening & Maintenance Services

As a leading provider of gardening services in Leeds, our reputation is built upon a guarantee of quality, integrity and supreme service. Our garden maintenance service is not restricted as to who can use it. Clients come to us from all kinds of backgrounds, including residential and commercial backgrounds.

Our existing customers come from the city of Leeds and the surrounding areas and include private residents and property developers and property managers. If you are looking for gardening services to take care of your domestic garden or a commercial client requiring upkeep of landscaped grounds, we will take care of it. Our quality of service will never falter and will always be first-class.

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Our Services

Landscaping Services

Looking for landscaping services in Leeds? Then call on us. We are a landscape gardening team who can help with all types of landscaping, both soft and hard. If your project comprises both hard and soft landscaping, it is no problem for us. Our years of experience and attention to detail mean that we can design a new garden or even re-vamp your old one. Also, we provide plenty of advice and information so that once your landscaping project in Leeds is finished, you will know what is needed to take care of it. To us, your garden is unique.

We look after many landscaping projects and each one is different. By employing the services of expert landscape gardeners such as us, you are on the right track. Our soft landscaping service attends to the living part of your garden. It allows us to take care of the plants, lawns, trees and shrubs. Our hard landscaping service attends to walls, walkways and patios etc.

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Our Services

Tree Care Services

When choosing a tree surgeon, you want to be sure that they are reliable and skilled. Because we are used to working in the field of arboriculture, we provide you with a fully professional service. Not all tree surgeons in Leeds are the same, but we make your choice an easy one, having a loyal following of satisfied customers to confirm our proficiency. By making use of the most up-to-date equipment and tree surgery techniques, we ensure that your trees are cared for and managed well. With in-depth knowledge of our sector, we are always on hand to provide advice and guidance.

Our tree surgery service in Leeds takes care of tree pruning, crown shaping, tree removal, stump grinding, ivy removal and even emergency tree work. By evaluating your requirements very carefully, we will always provide the right type of service at the most competitive price.

Our Services

Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing Services

If you have a garden, the chances are that at some time, you will require lawn care or lawn mowing in Leeds. Our lawn care and lawn mowing service deals with all aspects of lawn care. For lawn mowing, a regular cutting service brings the best results. Depending upon the season, we provide weekly/monthly slots. By keeping your edges and borders neatly trimmed, your lawn is shown off to good effect. We can even fit decorative borders. Lawn aeration is also highly recommended twice a year to improve air and water flow. 

If your lawn is patchy, we can overseed the bare areas, leaving you with a uniform surface. Top-dressing is often applied after aeration or overseeding, being a mix of topsoil and sand. This helps to speed up the recovery of your lawn. Depending upon the type of lawn, you have and the mix of grass, fertiliser may need to be applied. We will look at the specifics of your lawn as well as the location and advise on the most suitable fertiliser.

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Our Services

Fencing Services

When fences are no longer keeping your property secure, are in a bad condition or you need new fences, call us. We provide fencing services in Leeds to take care of every fence-related event. Not only are we fence builders but fence fitters too.  We can repair and fit your existing fence or provide you with new ones. Well-kept fences not only look good but also provide privacy and security. Used to working with a wide range of fence types, if you are not sure as to which type of fence you need, we can advise. In this case, we would visit your property, look at the site and advise on the best fencing solution. 

We can supply and fit overlap fences, close board fences, picket fences, larch lap fences,  and metal fences.  If your fences have been damaged due to adverse weather, we will visit and repair them. Our fence installation service also includes for fixing of trellis, gates, pergolas, arbours and other similar garden structures.

Our Services

Garden Irrigation Services

Often customers come to us looking for garden irrigation systems in Leeds, realising that their garden is suffering due to lack of water. Garden irrigation systems are often an afterthought and yet are essential to keep plants, shrubs and trees healthy. But in the hot summers, rainfall alone is often not enough to save the life of your beautiful garden. Before you know it, leaves will be drooping and shrivelling up and expensive plants lost forever. But it needn’t be this way. 

A well-placed and installed garden irrigation system will keep your plants happy. All living plants need water to survive and this includes your garden plants. If you have a lawn, it needs water to thrive, not only when newly planted but also when the weather is hot. Your irrigation system will keep your garden watered 24/7, even when you are away. If you grow vegetables or have fruit trees, they need plenty of water to produce good quality crops.

Your Local Gardening & Landscaping Service

Looking for a local gardening and landscape service? Are you tired of typing “gardening and landscaping service near me” into your computer? Waste no more time as the team at Prune & Proper Gardening Services is on hand to assist. If you live in the city of Leeds, our services are for you. Professional and highly skilled horticultural and landscaping experts, we are used to looking after clients in the Leeds and West Yorkshire area.

Our range of gardening and landscaping services includes:

Customers love us because we are attentive and our gardening designs are both imaginative and practical. We don’t only look after your property and garden but you too. It is only when you are 100% satisfied with our service that we are happy.

New turf being installed on a redesigned garden and lawn in Leeds
Raised retaining walls made from natural stone and stairs leading up to a split level f

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There is no need. We are fully equipped with all the appropriate tools required to complete all our services for our customers.

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Prune & Proper is a gardening & landscaping services company providing skilled and professional services throughout the city of Leeds.

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